Friday, July 14, 2006

Bass Fundraising Numbers

According to the Union-Leader, Bass "will report about $450,000 on hand after raising about $200,000 in the quarter."

Never minding those "abouts," let's do the math on that. At the end of the last quarter, Bass had $301,000 on hand. That means that, if he raised $200,000 this quarter, he spent $51,000. That seems to be going past the point of frugality to laziness - as already implied by his outdated website. Is he just taking the voters of New Hampshire for granted?

Meanwhile, it seems worth reiterating the significance of the fact that Hodes has raised so much from New Hampshire. It shows that he's not just running to win. He's running to represent New Hampshire.

It also shows that he's learned the lessons of past campaigns. In a debate with Katrina Swett in 2002, Bass was able to say that "What she has is good campaign literature and a lot of money - most of which comes from out of New Hampshire." Not only will he not be able to say it this time around, he just may have to answer to that charge himself.


Blogger DavidNYC said...

I feel like Bass is approaching John Hostettler territory. Possibility #1 is that both Bass & the NRCC are utterly deluded about the challenge Hodes presents.

While I could believe Bass is that complacent - he beat Katrina Swett handily despite being badly outraised in 2002 - I refuse to believe the NRCC is that dumb. In fact, they are probably some of the smartest guys around. They bailed out one of the worst candidates of our young century (Jean Schmidt), and they prevailed in a district where the former Congressman now rots in jail on charges of public corruption.

I am going to bet, actually, that the NRCC is pretty pissed at Bass right now for being so lackadaisical.

5:58 PM  
Blogger yankeedoodler said...

Yeah, I wonder if Bass and the NRCC just got a wake-up call with the new 2Q numbers.

For the NRCC to have to dump a ton of money in a district that Cook still has as "leaning Republican" has got to hurt.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Keener said...

Bass really believes he's insulated from the Bush dive. This guy's grandfather was the NH governor that sacrificed his entire political career when he supported Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose party. The Republicans crucified him for that.

I think in his mind, Bass thinks he's his grandfather, and he can't bring himself to believe people would tie him to Bush. He stepped off the reservation on ANWR. Isn't that enough?

Since Bass will spread his catch and release stories, do we have rebuttals to them? What's our ANWR rebuttal?

On the deficit reduction thing, I think it's important that we emphasize to people that this budget "hawk" voted to cut Paris Hilton's taxes while running record deficits. Sound like a budget hawk, or budget chickenhawk?

9:26 PM  
Blogger Sherm said...

Hi Miss Laura!! So glad to have found your blog! Consider yourself bookmarked. ;) Can't wait to see you at the next DL.

9:34 PM  
Blogger MissLaura said...

I need to look at Bass's votes some more - my problem is that information on that often comes in tables and I don't process visually that way. I do think that his declining scores from environmental groups suggests that there's a strong rebuttal to the ANWR vote to be made somewhere, though.

Argh. So many votes to look through.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Keener said...

vote research tip for the table impaired (like me as well):

use this, much better on the eyes. Some REAL choice votes in there too. Ones that would piss off the staunchest NH libertarian.

Just recruited person for Hodes this evening - the kicker? I told him Bass kissed the ring on the Schiavo case. He went from saying Charlie's an OK guy to asking how he could sign up to help Hodes canvass.

The Schiavo vote was shocking to me as well, more because I would have thought he wouldn't vote at all on it. But when things are passed in the dead of the night, I guess it's harder to barter for your catch and release ticket.

1:42 AM  

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