Friday, July 21, 2006

Flag-Burning Amendment (Better Late than Never Edition)

I missed this Valley News piece when it came out at the end of June, but I haven't seen that anyone else has blogged it so I figure it's worth putting up.

The key bit:

In New Hampshire, Hodes, a Concord lawyer, said through his campaign manager that he would have voted against the measure. (Bass and U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley supported the flag amendment last year, and U.S. Sens. Judd Gregg and John Sununu, both R-N.H., voted for it Tuesday.)

“His belief is that flag burning is offensive and disrespectful, especially to veterans, but where do you draw the line?' said Hodes campaign manager Dana Houle. “What about people who burn the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, or the Bible, or the Quran? Instead of arguing about flag burning, what Congress should be doing is holding President Bush accountable for not having a plan for Iraq.”

Bass, meanwhile, "has co-sponsored each bill on flag burning during his tenure in the House, his office said."


Blogger yankeedoodler said...

The Valley News has a poor online presence, which is a shame because it's in a fast-growing and blue-ing region and it was the only paper to cover the Hanover impeachment vote.

Great catch!

7:32 AM  
Blogger yankeedoodler said...

Bass' congressional philosophy:

Wars started by presidents of my own party: not my job.

Wars started by presidents not of my own party: my job.

Protecting the flag: definitely my job.

Protecting the Constitution: the what? what's that??

7:35 AM  
Blogger Keener said...

Well, Bass knows the Constitution very well. Did'nt you know that right after the part where it says "Congress shall not back-seat drive during a war" it says hey, the first ten amendments are actually a joke?

Oh, except gun control. That one's real.

I love the flag vote, the stem cell vote, and the gay marriage vote all suddenly appearing this summer. I somehow imagine the Repub leadership sitting around trytig to map out who gets to vote what on what.

"Bass needs to 'break' with his party", they say, "can we give him a pass to vote for stem cells and and gay marriage?"

"I think so," says someone else, "he's going to pitch in and make the flag-burning thing look resepectable right? We have to make sure it only loses by a couple of votes so that all the Dems up 'could have passed the decidig vote'"?

"Yeah, he'll pitch in. Do you want t o tell him or should I?"

1:42 PM  

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