Sunday, July 09, 2006

Huh. Guess the web really isn't Bass's forte.

It doesn't look like Bass's official House website has been updated for a while, either, at least not past the front page. On the front page are some items about flood assistance and the theft of veterans' data, which would be recent, but if you go any deeper, things get pretty stale.

For instance, the press releases section stops at November 2005. Columns and op-eds stop at September 2003. Statements and testimony stop July 14, 2004. The issues section is similarly dated.

It's not that he's not showing up for his job - but the only way to really tell based on his website is by going to the legislation section, which uses the Congressional Record internet search and is therefore not dependent on his operation to be updated. That's how I can tell that he most recently introduced the following, on 6/26/06:

Title: Congratulating Donald Andrew Hall for his selection by the Librarian of Congress as the 14th Poet Laureate of the United States and for his great accomplishments in prose and essays focusing on New England rural living, baseball, and how work conveys meaning to ordinary life.
Without doing a comprehensive survey of how often other members of Congress update their websites, it's hard to know exactly how lazy Bass and his people are being on this, but I looked at a few other House sites. Sherwood Boehlert, Christopher Shays, John Olver, Rush Holt, Richard Neal, and Bob Ney (to give a bipartisan sample) all have basically up-to-date sites. Nancy Johnson's site is a little behind, but not quite as badly. It's difficult, therefore, to escape the conclusion that Bass isn't all that interested in keeping his constituents up to date on what he's doing. And while showing up for votes and introducing important poet-recognizing resolutions is an important part of the job, so is disseminating information, being open, being responsive. On those counts, Bass seems to be uninterested in representing New Hampshire's second district.


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