Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A story in the Concord Monitor on the opening of a new specialty food store in Concord mentions Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes, a Democratic candidate for Congress, Concord lawyer and Dickey's friend for 10 years, stopped in after a campaign event with Sen. Joe Biden.

"I'm always interested in small business,"said Hodes, while trying a brie from Vermont sheep. "Keith is a sample of a small business entrepreneur who makes New Hampshire very special."

This story is published the same day the Nashua Telegraph has a letter to the editor beginning
No doubt Congressman Charles Bass bills himself as a supporter of the safety net for impoverished seniors and disabled, but his actions speak otherwise. I e-mailed the following letter (which should be self-explanatory) to him on April 29. There has been no reply
Nice contrast. Paul Hodes stops by local businesses; Charlie Bass can't even be bothered to send out a form letter in response to a constituent letter from April.

It's also good to see Hodes getting this kind of coverage that could help raise his name recognition among people who aren't necessarily following politics actively.

And next time I'm in Concord, I'll have to stop by that store.


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