Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some Irony.

This may be Alanis Morissette-style irony rather than, like, Socratic irony, but it's recognizable as some form of the concept.

In the 1994 election in NH-02, Democratic incumbent Richard Swett
had a moderate voting record, but Bass attacked him for voting with Clinton 90% of the time and for supporting Democrats when his vote really mattered; Bass ran a TV spot of Swett and Clinton embracing. (From The Almanac of American Politics 1996, by Michael Barone and Grant Ujifusa)
To put that in context, I'm having trouble finding New Hampshire-specific polls for Clinton in 1994, but national polls were putting his approval ratings between 44% and 50% in late June of that year. By contrast, Bush's most recent national approval levels have been between 35% and 41%. And as of May 1, 2006, a University of New Hampshire poll put his approval in New Hampshire at 30%. (Nationally, he seems to have edged up about 3 points since early May, so if New Hampshire is consistent with that, we can give him 33% now...)

So, has anyone got footage of Bass and Bush embracing? Because apparently that would make a good TV spot.


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