Monday, July 03, 2006

"That Was So Much Fun, I Wanna Do It Again!"

I'm trying to decide whether it's more nice to know that Charlie Bass is so excited about his sixth term in Congress that he's trying to run for a second sixth term now that his first sixth term is like 3/4 over, or whether it's more sad to know that he apparently hasn't updated his website in two years.

He writes:

Dear Friends:

I want to thank those of you who have supported me over the past years and shared your friendship. It has been an honor and a privilege for me to represent New Hampshire in the United States House of Representatives for the past ten years and I hope you will allow me the honor again for a sixth term.

My campaign will be based on my record as a strong independent voice for New Hampshire. Together we can appeal to our best hopes and focus on what we can accomplish for New Hampshire and the nation. I hope you will join me.

Thanks again for your support.

It's not just a one-time oversight, either.

Emphasizing his Work for New Hampshire, It�s Citizens and Values, Bass Announces Reelection Campaign

Congressman Charlie Bass reviewed his record of accomplishment on issues of importance to New Hampshire residents such as special education, health care, and reinvigorating the economy as he announced his decision to seek a sixth term More

So does that mean he doesn't want a seventh term? Has he decided he's going to adhere to the six-term limit proposed in the Contract with America, which The Yankee Doodler points out Bass signed onto when he was first elected?

Does it mean that the issues New Hampshire and the nation are facing haven't changed in the past two years? Because the issues statements on Bass's site sure haven't changed - no mention of Iraq, but he's real proud of that recent campaign-finance bill he supported!

Has he mastered time travel? Because if so, I just can't wait to go see him campaigning with President Bush on 10/29/04 or Senator McCain on 10/30/04!

Or does Bass really just not care enough to update his website, any more than he cares about actually being the independent he claims he is?


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Oops! Didn't see this before I left my last one!

You're apparently on the case.

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