Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What They Said.

NH-02 Progressive and The Yankee Doodler have been leaving me in the dust (I'm blaming the cat for sleeping on my arm while I'm trying to type), so I'll just give some of their highlights.

Keener finds that, unlike Sen. Sununu and all of the candidates for governor of NH, Charlie Bass not only supports a de facto national ID and database (from whence just a short step to tracking chips implanted at birth?), he actually cosponsored the bill calling for it.

The Yankee Doodler finds Bass supporting the apparently-indefinite existence of Gitmo, and notes his Bush-bestowed nickname of "Bassmaster."

What's fascinating about the Tom Curry story in which Yankee Doodler finds the Bassmaster nickname is that it finds Bass cuddling up to Bush:

“I was there at Odiorne Point in New Castle, N.H. when he set foot in the state for the first time as governor of Texas, contemplating a run for president, and I urged him to run,” Bass recalled in an interview in the House lobby right after the roll was called late Tuesday afternoon.

“We subsequently spent many months campaigning together, and we both suffered terribly when he lost the (2000) primary in New Hampshire” to McCain, Bass said.

Yet just six weeks ago, Curry found Bass seemingly prepared to distance himself from the president:

Asked whether Bush will campaign for him in his district, Bass said, “That will be my choice” and then let out a loud laugh. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how he makes up his mind.


Blogger yankeedoodler said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Miss Laura, and GREAT catch on the Curry follow-up.

Bush is going to be Mr. Invisible for vulnerables like the Bassmaster, so it will be our job to proclaim their closeness from the rooftops.

If only we had a photo of them kissing, like Joe Lieberman...

7:36 PM  

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