Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yippee! Hodes Second-Quarter Fundraising!!!

DavidNYC at Swing State Project breaks his pledge not to blog until after he takes his bar exams to report that Paul Hodes raised $343K in the second quarter and has $443K cash on hand.

David breaks it down
Hodes more than doubled his 1Q numbers, by a fat margin. It also brings his cycle-to-date total to over $604K. What's more, Hodes has already raised more from New Hampshirites than anyone else in NH-02 ever has - including Charlie Bass. Over half of Hodes' contributitions - $325K - have been from local sources, and we're still four months away from election day.
He also does the math suggesting that Hodes' campaign is being "pretty frugal."

I have nothing really to add to any of this except sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!


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