Friday, September 15, 2006

Hodes Makes Red to Blue List

Press release from Paul Hodes' campaign:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced today that Paul Hodes has been selected for the Red to Blue program, affirming that the Hodes campaign is one of the top Democratic campaigns in the country.

According to the DCCC

Red to Blue was a proven success in 2004 and the DCCC is making key improvements to it as well as maintaining the most impactful elements of the program. In 2004, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $7.5 million for twenty seven campaigns across the country with an average of more than $250,000 per campaign.

I’m not finding a DCCC press release announcing this yet, though perhaps that’s me.

Anyway, this is big—it’s recognition from the DCCC that Hodes is the strong challenger we already knew him to be, and it will bring concrete support to the campaign.


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