Saturday, September 02, 2006

Red-Handed Redux

So NH-02 Progressive has found confirmation that the MoveOn ads WMUR resumed running omitted the description of Charlie Bass as "red-handed."

The Yankee Doodler has already found an appropriate use of "red-handed" courtesy of Ari Fleischer - that Iraq had been "caught red-handed" with WMDs. Yeah, right. So anyway.

Now in comments at Daily Kos, Elwood Dowd brings us some other examples.

From the Washington Post, on Sen. George Allen's "macaca" incident:
But Allen failed to follow the other George's playbook for what to do when caught red-handed.
Again from the Washington Post, this time a quote from a National Review editor:
National Review Editor Rich Lowry accused the department of trying to "bully" his reporter. "He caught them red-handed on a program designed to coddle the Saudis," Lowry said. "He didn't go to Columbia Journalism School. He's just aggressive and has a good nose for things."
Clearly the Washington Post and Rich Lowry should both be sued for defamation for their uses of that dreadful word. Perhaps after their poor victims are revived with smelling salts, they will be sued.

I'm sure there are more such uses out there, and I'll be looking.


Blogger Nightprowlkitty said...

This is a clear case of intimidation -- there's no way in hell Bass could have won any lawsuit based on the ad. It's true that many corporations would rather cave in than have to deal with even a frivolous lawsuit.

I am sick to death of this cowardice and of the infinite hypocrisy of Republicans who can dish it out but screech like banshees when it comes to taking it. Someone has to put a stop to this (unfortunately) successful tactic and stand up to these maroons.

8:36 PM  

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