Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Very Special Guest

Today, I'd like to give a special welcome to one of my (and NH-02 Progressive and Yankee Doodler's) most regular readers and commenters, IndyNH (also known as IndieNH). What's so special about Indy?

Well, s/he loves Paul Hodes, but only shows up to comment about how sad it is that Charlie Bass is such a strong candidate that Paul will have trouble defeating him. This never fails to grieve Indy, though s/he rebounds with suggestions like
I am going to look at the competitive race list to figure out where to send another / netroots donation and maybe help out in other ways. Maybe CT or NY for me - they are at least close by.

Anyone interested in pooling NH efforts for some of those races? Maybe we could even go help out for a few days in buses or something in November?
The other special thing about Indy? S/he is posting from the House of Representatives, where s/he works, we must assume, for that member of New Hampshire's Congressional delegation who likes to style himself "independent" while voting with the Republican leadership nearly 90% of the time.

It's called sitemeter, Indy, and it lets me see where you're posting from. You'd be obvious enough as a concern troll without that information, but that lets me know to a pretty good certainty that you're a paid concern troll. And the fact that you'd bother trolling here? That just says "we're worried about this race."

Non-Indy readers should think about how they can support Paul Hodes in his campaign. I'd suggest contributing time or money.

(Keener, Yankee Doodler, and I posted a collaborative diary on this at Daily Kos.)


Blogger kstorm said...

Hey there- saw your diary on Kos. Just to make Indy/Indie happy I am sending $25 over to Paul from me here in VT - How's that Indy/Indie?

2:28 PM  
Blogger kstorm said...

Oh and if anyone out there would like to help my local state rep towards re-election stop on over to


2:31 PM  

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