Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bass the Backbencher

The last appearance Tad Furtado, aka IndyNH, made here at Blue Granite was not to respond to polling numbers. It was to respond to a post arguing that Charlie Bass is not a leader in Washington. I pointed to the fact that Bass does not chair any subcommittees, while others who have served the same number of terms or even fewer do hold subcommittee chairs. IndyTad replied with an essay-length comment beginning
People are going to read this blog from me and think that I am a Bass supporter, but I am really not.
He went on to spend over 350 words laying out the exact line of Bass' first tv ad of this campaign - Bass is just too principled for things like that. You think maybe I struck a nerve?

Over at NH-02 Progressive, Keener has a post about his recent conversation with Bass' 1996 opponent Arnie Arnesen, in which she makes a point similar to the one I made about Bass' lack of leadership. Keener's "rough approximation" of Arnesen's characterization of Bass is
Back-bencher, Charlie the back bencher? Let me tell you something. There aren't enough benches for Charlie to hide under. First sign of trouble and that wimp curls up like a baby and hides under his chair...he never take risks without permission from leadership; he calls it courage, I call it calculating and disingenuous.


Sadly, this guy is so two-faced even the REPUBLICANS don't trust him -- tolerate is as far as the emotion goes.
This view of Bass is echoed, albeit slightly more diplomatically, in a Valley News report of Bass' "Sandernistas" comment:
Sanders' campaign spokesman, Jeff Weaver, yesterday said Bass may have been “upset” by losing a recent skirmish with Sanders over a wilderness bill and said of the New Hampshire Republican, “the truth is he's kind of a backbencher down in Washington who doesn't get a lot of attention or play a leadership role.”
That's who he is. That's who's representing this district. A backbencher who gets petulant and insulting when he loses a skirmish, and insults not just the person he lost to but all of his supporters, working people, and the people of an entire borough of New York City. Does it make you proud? Contrast when Paul Hodes was asked the other night in Hanover what difference he could make as a freshman Congressman. He said
I'm not a shy person - I'll speak up. I will be tough and smart and fearless in relation to my party and anyone else.


Blogger yankeedoodler said...

How fascinating that with 12 years to make a difference, we have a verifiable piece of flotsam, while Paul Hodes hasn't been elected yet but has been in close contact with Democratic leaders like Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, and John Kerry.

I'm beginning to think Charlie's the reason this district is sometimes not given much attention nationally. It's not us, it's him!

6:49 PM  

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