Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bass Brings in Bigger Guns

According to the Union Leader, Bob Stevenson, the new spokesman that has just appeared for the Bass campaign (number three, after Scott Tranchemontagne and Lindsay Jackson)
has been through the political wars as a communications director for former New Hampshire Sen. Warren Rudman, Sen. Pete Domenici and most recently, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.
His task?
To do opposition research and communicate the "contrast" between the two candidates.
In case you're wondering, that means "to go not just negative but dirty." So watch for it. The avalanche of dirt and slime is coming.

Meanwhile, the Union Leader gets in a howler when it claims
So far, this race has been all about Bass. He's focused on himself, stressing in campaign stops and television advertising that he is an independent voice.
Is that what he was doing in those two ads that featured Hodes more prominently than they did Bass? You really could've fooled me on that one.


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