Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bass Comments on Foley Cover-up

In Wednesday's Union Leader, Charles Bass takes a brave, brave stand. For a six-term Congressman to make online sexual advances toward teenagers working under him, he says, is a bad thing.
"The decisions and actions of Mark Foley that have been brought to light over the past couple days are disgusting and inexcusable," Bass said in a statement.
Wow. There is some backbone. Five or six days later, Charlie issues a statement saying something completely noncontroversial.

But, wait. What's that you say? The real question here is not whether he thinks sexual predation is bad? It's what he says about the fact that the Republican leadership knew about Foley's "disgusting and inexcusable" behaviors years ago?

So, what does Bass have to say about that?
"I have to take the speaker's word (that he had no knowledge of the conversations)," Bass said in an interview. "Why would they cover it up?" he asked.
Consider that by taking Dennis Hastert's word on this, Bass is calling National Republican Congressional Committee head Tom Reynolds and majority leader John Boehner liars, because they both said Hastert knew. Has Bass been asked why he believes Hastert over Reynolds and Boehner? (I'm sure Reynolds, the man in charge of choosing how much financial support to give Bass' campaign, must be wondering the same thing.) So it's a fascinating answer. Bass can't think why this kind of scandal would be covered up. And he's been in Congress for how long?*

Why would they? Paul Hodes has an answer
"Whether it's knowledge of intolerable conduct within the House or warnings about the war in Iraq, this Congress just doesn't want to face reality, much less hold anyone accountable. They'll say and do anything to hold onto power," said Paul Hodes, a Democrat challenging GOP Rep. Charlie Bass in New Hampshire.

*Twelve years.


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Even their best case, that Hastert et alia really didn't know, is not encouraging. Here we are supposed to trust them to protect us from a global network of shadowy terrorists, and they claim to have been duped for over a year by a garden-variety borderline pedophile. Makes me feel secure....

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