Friday, October 13, 2006

Bass "Nobody Would Have Been [Offended], But..."

Technology has taken Charlie Bass by surprise once again. After years of dirty, anti-semitic campaigning when he thought nobody was paying attention who would call him to account, as detailed by his 1996 opponent Arnie Arnesen in a 1999 Globe story excerpted at NH-02 Progressive:
Smith was shocked. Didn't I know the story out there was that I was Jewish? Smith bubbled on: "Why didn't you tell people . . . it would have made a difference in your campaign." Out of the mouths of conservative babes.

Sure I had known. Charles Bass kept telling radio interviewers all through the congressional campaign that I wasn't like him, a native of New Hampshire. He had continually stressed the fact that I was from New York and had "New York values." We all knew that "New York values" was code for "Jew."
Well, this time around Charlie's little anti-semitism habit is on view for all of us to see, not just the people it's going to help him with (whoever they are). Because let's face it, that's what his Bronx-taxi-driver remarks about Bernie Sanders and his supporters were: veiled anti-semitism, coming from someone who we know to have previously campaigned against Arnesen, a Methodist, by implying or outright saying that she was a Jew. This was not an innocent remark.

So what does Charlie Bass have to say about it now that nearly 1200 people have gone to YouTube and watched his little display?

According to the Valley News
Said Bass: “I meant in no way to offend anybody under any circumstances, and nobody would have been, but some fellow snuck into the party with a video camera meaning to do anything he possibly could to create an issue.”
That's right. The Honorable Charles Foster Bass' position when he's caught out being insulting and anti-semitic is to blame the person with the camera, to say that what he said was ok as long as he was only using it to incite hatred in people who agreed with him rather than to insult people to their faces. By this standard, Senator George Allen's "macaca" remark was only offensive because the person he was describing was in the room.

This explanation from Bass shows yet again how deeply dishonest his public nice-guy-moderate persona is. This is a man who has no problem insulting a fellow Congressman (soon to be Senator) and all of the voters who have returned him to Congress election after election on ethnic and class lines - as long as he doesn't think he's going to be caught. But we have it on video to see now, so next time someone tells you what a nice guy he is, let them watch the first minute or two of that video, and then ask again about how nice he really is.


Blogger yankeedoodler said...

Blaming the cameraman.

That's a good one; kind of like blaming the page program for the lack of accountability in Hastert, Reynolds, & Co.

Oh, but I forgot; "we've got to get past Mark Foley".

11:53 AM  
Blogger DavidNYC said...

Man, I must be so inured to the country-club antisemitism that's leveled at Bernie Sanders that I completely missed out on it. By my count, Bass managed to scorn Bernie Sanders, his supporters, New Yorkers, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, the working class and Bronxites.

Add Jews to that and you have an impressive nine-fecta. Man oh man! And all that in just two little sentences.

11:01 AM  
Blogger MissLaura said...

David, interesting. My first response to hearing it was that of all the groups it could be a slur against, the one he probably meant was Jews (though I don't think he minded dissing all those other groups one bit). But I wasn't going to really raise it on a gut feeling - until Arnesen's article kind of validated it.

12:52 PM  

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