Sunday, October 22, 2006

Concord Monitor Endorses Paul Hodes

The Monitor, in an endorsement focusing on the Iraq war, indicts Bass' unwillingness or inability to question the course of the war:
Indeed it doesn't matter today that Charlie Bass voted to authorize the war in Iraq, or even that he remained initially optimistic about the potential for a desirable outcome. What matters is that 3½ years after the U.S. invasion, at a time when even some of the most hawkish proponents of remaking Iraq see that events have spun out of control, Bass remains a bystander in the corridors of power.
The endorsement concludes that

Of course, Hodes cannot single-handedly change U.S. foreign policy; only the president can do that. But Hodes would bring to Washington much-needed skepticism: a quality that's been lacking from the Republican majorities in the House and Senate. A similar eagerness to ask questions will be vital when the next Congress examines the administration's tax policies and education policy, particularly the No Child Left Behind law.

Because of its mix of liberal and conservative residents, the 2nd District is not an easy one to represent. If rewarded with the voters' trust, Hodes had better make sure his skepticism extends to both parties' agendas. It's a balancing act that in years past Bass managed to pull off.

Unfortunately, when it came to Iraq, he lost his balance. Hodes deserves the chance to try to do better.

I would, of course, argue that these points are applicable to many more issues than just Iraq - as the single sentence mentioning taxes and education hints at - but the Monitor's editors clearly have come to understand, at least partially, the degree to which Bass has failed in his jobs of oversight, of questioning, of actively seeking the best policies for this country. Paul Hodes says that the job of Congressman requires being "tough and smart and fearless." Charles Bass has abdicated all of those responsibilities, and it is time that this district is represented by someone who understands and is committed to them.


Blogger Kathy said...

SO did the Keene Sentinel today:

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Blogger Gupta said...

Bass supporter calls Americans lazy
I got the following from a Bass supporter. What does he mean 'white to boot". He copied Is he making racial comments torwards me ? Are these the people behind mr. Bass ?
What do you think ?

Chris Pepin wrote:

I don't know who the hell you are but I will tell you this! This country was founded on immigrants, I am an American, a Combat Veteran, White to boot, and a Republican! If American Employers wish to hire foreign workers because they work harder, dedicated more, sick less, you know all the values that Lazy Liberal Americans who look for nothing more than a handout have driven from the American public. Lazy people love company, I guess that should be the battle cry of the democrat!
I am an employee who hires employees, I find it continually difficult to find a good worker. Reason is this.... Most Americans want something for nothing or for very little effort, they are scared when someone is about to do the right thing and take something away from them. You know, the reason you wrote this letter. Get off your Ass, get a job, do it well, and you wouldn't have anything to worry about.

Christopher W. Pepin
Combat Veteran (Iraq)

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