Thursday, October 26, 2006

Huge NRCC Ad Blitz Coming

The NRCC has made a $365,585 ad buy against Paul Hodes. Remember how last night I said things were going to get "not just negative but dirty"? This would represent an enormous increase in the amount of dirt, both because it's an enormous increase in the money devoted to dirt, and because frankly, I don't think Charlie Bass is as nice and clean a guy as he likes to market himself as being, but the NRCC is nastier than he is. That's what they do, and they're doing it here because they know they are on the path to losing this election.

So just remember to check what you hear, because it comes out of desperation and a lot of it is going to be anywhere from unfair to false. And start your checking here: Paul Hodes is a good man. He is a responsible, careful, knowledgeable political thinker who will do responsible, careful, knowledgeable legislation. He will represent the people of New Hampshire faithfully and well, and treat the role of member of Congress with the respect it deserves.


Blogger sunapee blue said...

First time poster -- but I have been reading for months.

The conservatives are worried as there has been a lot of national acknowledgement of what's been happening in NH2.

The tracking at this week shows that NH2 is now a toss up now has the race leaning red where as it was solid red earler. a conservative website posted this week that Bass is in trouble. is highlighting Bass this week in an effort to help him., a conservative site has NH2 as a toss up leaning towards Hodes.

This is very exciting.

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