Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is Bass' Website in Denial?

When Charlie Bass ran his first negative ad against Paul Hodes just over a week ago, I noted that this meant that Bass could no longer stress his positivity in every interview he gave. When he ran his second negative ad against Hodes, I figured the matter was effectively closed.

Turns out, Charlie counts on the voters of New Hampshire not to be bright enough to have noticed or remembered those ads. His website, in fact, does not include his ads attacking Hodes on Iraq and on taxes (both misleadingly, ignorantly in the case of the Iraq ad). You can see his ads portraying him as a folksy, independent guy, but not the ones with the threatening voiceover and the Paul Hodes quotes taken out of context.

Now that is one hell of a positive campaign Bass is running! He must be so proud! Not only can he not voice his own ads, he can't even have them associated with his campaign more than is legally required.

Does it strike anyone else that if you're that ashamed of your campaign, maybe you should be running it differently?


Blogger yankeedoodler said...

It is an interesting website, to be sure.

For example, I learned that all of New Hampshire's "VETERNS" support Bass.

He has shored up the vetern vote. What will Hodes do now?

I also enjoy how there is exactly one pro-Bass LTE on the site, whereas now you have to scroll down on the Hodes' sight to see all the pro-Hodes' LTEs.

9:20 AM  

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