Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who is Paying Lindsay Jackson's Salary?

Those who have been following the Congressional race between Paul Hodes and Charles Bass will by now be familiar with Bass' campaign spokeswoman, Lindsay Jackson. She's regularly on WMUR and in New Hampshire papers speaking for the campaign.

For the campaign.

So it's an interesting thing that Ms. Jackson, whose regular job is as Bass' press secretary in his Congressional office in Washington, DC, is apparently not being paid by the campaign. The latest FEC filings show her receiving two disbursements from the campaign: One on 9/15 in the amount of $852.08 for airfare/car rental/gas, and one on 9/29 in the amount of $119.80 for gas/parking/photo development. But there is no salary listed for her in the campaign filing, although she is clearly working hard for Bass, spinning away.

This lack of salary for someone whose role has shifted from DC office to campaign staff is particularly interesting in light of a Mother Jones story detailing how NH-01's Jeb Bradley apparently kept his chief of staff on full, or nearly full, pay from his House office while she ran his 2004 campaign. Add this behavior from New Hampshire's other Congressman to the fact that we know that someone in Bass' House office was engaging in campaign activities when he shouldn't have been and, well, you have to wonder. I'm not accusing Bass of having his House press secretary working on his campaign while on the government payroll, I'm just saying that, based on appearances, this arrangement is open to question and I'm curious to hear more about it.

Is Lindsay Jackson continuing to collect a government paycheck? If so, is it her usual full pay, or a reduction? If a reduction, how much? Why is the campaign not paying her when she is clearly doing campaign work?

I think we as taxpayers and voters deserve an explanation.


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