Thursday, November 02, 2006

Canvassing with Toby

This afternoon I did some canvassing with Toby, pictured here. Mostly people aren't home in the middle of the afternoon and you leave literature, but there was one amazing encounter. We split up a street and I went off to do my houses while Toby crossed over to a woman mowing her lawn. I finished my houses and they were still talking, so I went over. It turns out that the woman had begun the conversation by saying that she was a Republican and a born-again Christian and liked George Bush because she thought he was a good Christian. But Toby got her talking and the more they talked, the more her dissatisfaction with the state of the country came out. They covered the economy, health care, abortion, congressional pay raises and the minimum wage. And as we left her, she was saying she would vote for Paul Hodes. It was wonderful - so few people really want to talk about the issues like that, let alone people who enter the conversation assuming they prefer the other party. And talking people around like that? Just wow. It really makes you feel good about what you're doing.

In other Toby news, I apparently look like a cradle robber. When we stopped for lunch, the hostess at the restaurant asked if we were on our honeymoon. Random!


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