Saturday, November 18, 2006

Looking Ahead

From the Journal News of the Lower Hudson Valley, New York:
As a musician who wrote and sang pop hits in the 1970s with the group Orleans, [NY-19 Representative-Elect John] Hall has also been scouting around for ways to express himself musically in the new Congress. He met fellow freshman Paul Hodes, D-N.H., who plays guitar, and suggested they form a group, called Hall and Hodes.
That would be a group I'd have to see.

In a way, I feel oddly like I've been transported back in time to the summer, when just writing about Charlie Bass occasionally got boring but there wasn't yet a lot of news to be had about Paul Hodes unless I went out and saw him myself. Back then, I was thrilled to find two paragraphs about Paul stopping into a new store in Concord and eating some cheese. Now, there's not much point in writing about Charlie Bass - he's pretty much just marking time - and while there's a little more news to be had about Paul Hodes, it's not much.

I can tell you that he voted for Steny Hoyer rather than Jack Murtha for Majority Leader, but since I think that the Majority Leader vote in general was kind of overblown as a news story, and since I had no strong opinion as between Hoyer and Murtha (honestly I didn't think either of them was particularly appealing), it doesn't seem worth much notice.

Mostly right now it's a waiting game. We know a new Congress is coming, but they're not in office yet, so there is little reporting to be done on them. I'll be keeping up with the news, and broadening my focus to include the presidential primary and more New Hampshire state politics, but right now is a bit of a trough as far as any of it goes. So bear with me and more will be happening soon, I promise.


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