Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photoblogging: Campaign Office

Back at the office, Charlie and Kaili phonebank.

I spent a couple hours this evening phonebanking, and got a few good responses. I also got royally yelled at by a crotchety old man who thinks that political calling is un-American and destroys democracy and that I should get a real job (Me: "Actually, sir, I'm a volunteer.") and also, for some reason, an education. Probably my favorite call, though, was to the woman who when I asked how she was doing, said, somewhat dubiously, that she was fine. When I said something like "great," she kind of gasped and said "you're a real person!" She'd gotten so many robocalls that she assumed that's what I was. It actually kind of affirmed my desire to start calls by saying "My name is Laura and I'm a real live person volunteering for the Paul Hodes for Congress campaign."

If you like slight, semi-pretty preppy boys, deputy campaign manager Luke is really fairly handsome. Here he makes himself look bizarre and accusatory. I figure he brought it on himself and can just live with having it posted.

Jane is the scheduler. She's not really blurry in real life.

Dave is the finance director. In the foreground is his tiki god. I'm not sure I fully comprehend the set of practices with regard to the tiki god, but it seems in some way to be responsible for the campaign's financial status.

Dana is the campaign manager. I can't think how to elaborate on that.

Emily also lives in this area of the office, but for various reasons the pictures I took of her are not very usable.


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