Thursday, November 02, 2006

Telegraph Endorses Paul Hodes

Adding its voice to the Concord Monitor, Keene Sentinel, and Valley News, the Nashua Telegraph endorsed Paul Hodes. Notably, the Telegraph endorsed Bass in 2004.

The endorsement says
We recommend Hodes over the Republican incumbent not only for his positions – thoughtful and realistic – but also for his ability and willingness to present his ideas in a clear, straightforward and unflinching manner.
There are several reasons we have changed our position on these two candidates this time around. In part, we think Hodes has grown considerably as a candidate since the last time we saw him, and believe he has honed the skills necessary to be an effective legislator in Washington.

At the same, we believe that in recent years, Bass has let the 2nd District down in one of the most basic duties of a member of the House of Representatives: holding the two other branches of government accountable, especially the executive branch.


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