Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Victory Blogging

I owe an apology: I've been useless when it came to providing news for the past several days. It just seemed more important to do the work of getting Paul Hodes elected, and while I don't at all want to downplay the importance of having available the kind of information that we have been able to provide here and at NH-02 Progressive and Yankee Doodler - because I do think it had an actual effect on this race in at least a few subtle ways - in the end, it came down to knocking on doors and calling people. And at the end of the day I just didn't have the energy for much else.

Friday I didn't do a whole lot. Helped clean the office, did some visibility at a football game.

Saturday 3 canvasses and some phonebanking.

Sunday 1 and a half canvasses and some phonebanking.

Monday 2 canvasses, some phonebanking, and a late-night lit drop.

Tuesday distributing signs to polling places, phonebanking, canvass, phonebanking. I've made no bones about my hatred of phonebanking, though unless you've known me for a decade or more you probably wouldn't quite get it. As a teenager, the trauma of calling to order something from a catalogue brought me to tears at least once. In college, I routinely got into fights with my housemates over who'd call to order pizza, because I sure wasn't making a phone call to a stranger. I will still spend a good long time looking around for a way to do something online rather than making a phonecall. And Patrick and Toby could tell you that I didn't always phonebank entirely cheerfully this campaign. But today, this was it. It just had to be done.

The canvass was as it grew dark, and we were literally running through the streets, going right up and squinting at mailboxes to see if this was the last house we needed, if this might make the difference. Then we got back and got back on the phones; we were phonebanking as results started coming in, pushing through calls until 15 minutes before the last polls closed, begging people to get out to vote right now because they could make the difference. We kept doing it even when numbers came in that looked good, because you never know how it will go.

And this time, it went right.

Other people got the great pictures of Paul, and I'm sure I'll take advantage of those when they become available. But here are a few of the staff letting the victory soak in.

Patrick and Luke. Patrick's first time as a field director and he won.

Toby and Bethel. Bethel was a summer intern and came back for about a week to help with election stuff. She and I did the late-night lit drop Monday and were hilarious even to ourselves, we were so nervous of being called out as suspicious for going up on people's porches in the dark.

Emily, Brooke, and Torey.

I told you Jane wasn't always so blurry.

Donkey got to come to the victory party.


Blogger gupta said...

My congratulations to Miss Laura. You work very very hard and I am happy for your success. But, Laura, please remember, many of the people of Hodes district do not know him and do not care what he stands for. They know Mr. Bush and disagree with him. They know Mr. Bass and know that he has gone along with Mr. Bush. The people have not voted for the unkown Mr. Hodes, they have voted against the known Mr. Bush and Mr. Bass. If Mr. Hodes does not do the will of the people he will be voted out in two years. Good luck !

10:03 AM  
Blogger Keener said...


You dropped 80% of your schtick and MissLaura let your comment live.

I agree with her decision. Of all the sockpuppets: IndyNH, blogtruth, and Wheel of Fortuna, only you have made it across the finish line. Only you have managed to grab the brass ring without smashing head to bobbing carousel horse.

Strange, but in the light of victory, I'm almost, well, nostalgic about your comment. There's something rather filmic about you returning now. Something very very fitting.

So for this last time I will engage in earnest conversation with a sockpuppet, out of respect for your endurance where so many others have failed.

Yes, gupta, you are right. Few people that voted for Paul truly knew him. But those who did know Paul worked their asses off for him, and I've realized in some way that that's part of what democracy is about. He was able to inspire the people who knew him, and that paid dividends in given Bass the absolute thumping he got. Sometimes it's about intensity as well as quantity.

Had Paul or Carol been lesser candidates, these people you see above would have jumped ship long ago. The only difference between telemarketing and phone banking is a belief your cause is just. The only difference between selling vacuum cleaners and canvassing is a belief that your candidate will make a difference.

So I think in a way, indirectly, the people did vote for Paul and Carol. Because the people above believed in Paul enough to fight for him, Paul was able to get his message out. I could point you to a number of races that were considered much more likely Dem wins than this one, races where the Dem did not win. Winning this election was not something that happened on autopilot.

That said, you need not worry. Paul will prove himself. He's not a politician, but in this campaign he proved he has what it takes to lead. More importantly, he sees his agenda as giving a voice to those he represents, rather than a voice to the latest Heritage Foundation whitepaper.

Those two things will take a person pretty far I think.

So rest assured, gupta. You will see.

See you in 2008!

2:51 PM  
Blogger gupta said...

Dear Mr. keener,
Your letter speaks with great passion. I have participated in many passionette political campaigns and understand the passion you have poured into your campaign for Mr. Hodes. But, I must ask, is it passion for Mr.Hodes or passion for the USA? if your passion is for a better USA then why have you not taken the next step to recall the US Senator Gregg? Would it not be the compelling thing to do at this time?

Also, it is good that you Miss Laura has allowed me to post. rember, "if you listen only to yourself then you will always be right"

10:42 AM  

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