Saturday, November 04, 2006

Whole Lot Going On

Yesterday felt like the calm before the storm at Paul Hodes' campaign headquarters. Today it does feel like the storm is starting, but not in a bad way.

I've done 3 canvasses and a little phonebanking. I'm a little tired. But it feels good - things are rolling here, with volunteers on all the phones and several canvasses going at a time just in Concord alone. And there are staff in several other locations, running more phonebanks and more canvasses.

The picture is last night at dinner at the Barley House in Concord - like I said, the calm before (though that's not to say that it wasn't a serious work day; we went to dinner around 9).

Thursday I diaried at Daily Kos about the new WMUR/UNH poll, which had Hodes leading by 8 points. That's a tracking poll, and last night's results had him up by 13. Waiting for tonight's results. The poll has a large margin of error and I'm assuming that overstates his lead, but it looks good. Meanwhile, the Concord Monitor has a poll that has Bass leading by 1%. I think even less of the Monitor poll than I think of the WMUR/UNH poll, though. Back in mid-September, their poll was a serious outlier, with Hodes down by 25 points. Seriously, Hodes has been catching up, but 24%? (To be clear, my distrust of the current poll is mostly founded on my distrust of the former - I'm too tired to have looked at this very closely.)

Keener's been providing pretty comprehensive coverage of the robocalls the NRCC is running to annoy voters. They start off sounding like they support Paul Hodes, and they come repeatedly. So anyone who hangs up early, before it turns into an attack on Paul, thinks the repeated, annoying calls are coming from his campaign. It's a clear suppression tactic. The Hodes campaign and the New Hampshire Democratic Party have done well getting some coverage showing this for the dirty trick that it is, but it's a continuing battle, and people have been calling the campaign office irate at the calls they think they're getting from us. (Although it is fun to tell them what's really going on and tell them to call the Bass campaign about it, or file a complaint with the attorney general.) Let everyone you know in the district that this is going on.

But in actual life, it's sort of a blur of, canvass partner shows up and I go out canvassing. Come in, breathe a few minutes, go out again, come in, breathe, make some phone calls, stop to quiver and moan about being tired. The internet was out here for most of the afternoon, which was an adventure. It felt like I was at the Lieberman campaign or something for a while there.

I think Patrick's look in this picture pretty much sums it up:


Blogger Louis Theran said...

Have you heard anything about the GOP's harrasing calls supposedly from the Hodes campaign?

3:29 PM  
Blogger MissLaura said...

I have heard about those - just haven't had time to really cover them. Keener at has a lot of coverage of that issue.

3:42 PM  

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