Friday, November 03, 2006

WMUR/UNH Poll Gives Hodes 8-Point Lead.

All of the caveats that have applied to every other UNH poll apply - the sample size is slightly larger and the margin of error correspondingly lower, but it's still a small sample and a big MoE.

But yes, in this poll Paul Hodes leads Charlie Bass 45% to 37%, nearly reversing their positions in the September WMUR/UNH poll. The poll results are here (PDF).

Looking good. Now we just have to work our butts off for a few more days and hopefully we'll have a new member of Congress.

And speaking of working our butts off, you should be doing that if you're in the district. There will be non-stop phonebanking and canvassing pretty much until the polls close on Tuesday. Call 603 223 2006 or email Patrick.


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